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You are considering metal garages, and it needs to be affordable and quality built. This is why we work with Eagle Carport. We want our customers to be happy with their new metal garage. Eagle Carport is professional from the fabrication to the onsite construction. They are competitively priced too.

When you meet with one of our team at Backyard and Beyond, we will discuss the design you have in mind. We will create some designs. Once you are happy with the design, then we send them to Eagle Carport. They will start fabricating the beams, and panels to specification. This then will be quickly constructed onsite.

How will you use your Metal Garages?

  • Store your car
  • Store your boat
  • Store your ATV
  • Store lawn equipment
  • Workshop
  • Mechanic work

Regular Style Metal Garages

metal garages 4

The regular metal garage is the original roof design. The panels are laid along the length of the garage, or parallel to the ridge cap. The roof wrap around the side eaves. This garage’s length is available to 31’. We don’t recommend longer than 31’ with this roof style.

Boxed Eave Style Metal Garages

metal garages 2

The boxed eave is similar to the regular style in that the panel runs the length of the garage. The boxed style has eaves on the sides of the building. It is available up to 31’ in length.

Vertical Roof Style Metal Garages

metal garages

The vertical roof garage is our strongest style. The panels are laid from pitch to eaves, which give a stronger design. It also includes cross rails called hat channels adding to the overall strength of the design.

This roof design allows rain and snow to slide off the sides. Because of the way the panels are laid, it can be built longer than the other two styles without concern of leaks.


Eagle Carport will then fabricate all the components of your metal garage. Then time will be scheduled for a crew to come out and construct the metal garage onsite. From start to finish the whole process is designed to be easy and an enjoyable process. Eagle Carport is a national company and delivers anywhere there is a dealer. They have a reputation for quick delivery and great customer service.