Backyard Chicken Houses

At Backyard & Beyond, we strive to provide you with top-quality products to enhance your property’s efficiency and value. With our wide range of options of Chicken Houses, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. Our customization options help you design the perfect spot for your feathered friends.

Have you embarked on a new adventure that involves feathered fowl and are looking for a backyard chicken house? Or are you already a seasoned veteran of chicken raising and are looking to upgrade your setup? Whichever the case, our customizable backyard chicken house options will check the boxes for what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a small chicken house for only a few chickens or if you have a whole flock that you need a house for, we have backyard chicken houses ranging from 8×12 up to 12×24 to fit your needs. 

Design Your Backyard Chicken House

chicken house features

  • 4′ x 6′ base
  • 76″ sidewalls
  • 48′ stud and rafter spacing
  • 2- 36″ doors
  • 2- 24×36 windows
  • 16×16 chicken door opening
  • 3′ feed room on buildings 10×16 and larger
  • No floor except in feed room
  • 1/2 closed
  • 1/2 open wire

Sizes Available

  • 8×12
  • 10×12
  • 10×16
  • 10×20
  • 12×16
  • 12×20
  • 12×24

Backyard chicken houses in Missouri and Arkansas

Take a look at a few of the chicken house projects we’ve done for customers in the past and start dreaming of how your own chicken house will look!

backyard Chicken House pricing guide

*3 Payments Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO
what should laying chickens live in

Backyard Chicken House Inventory in Missouri

Explore our current inventory of chicken houses available for purchase today! Discover the perfect coop for you and your feathered friends, and secure it with a down payment. The remaining balance will be due upon delivery, or you can opt for our convenient Rent-To-Own options. Start browsing our selection now!

360 Interior View Of a Backyard chicken house

Take a look at the inside of one of our chicken houses. Get a feel for the space that these chicken houses provide for you and your chickens. Make your dreams a reality by using our 3D Builder to design and customize your chicken coop. With this tool, you get to be the one in charge of your chicken house’s construction. You get to choose exactly how you want your chicken house built and any extra features you want added.

Chicken house Features & Options

With a chicken house from Backyard & Beyond, you get the option of:

  • LP Prostruct floor or 5/4 decking
  • 6-foot tall 1” x 2” wire-covered dividing wall
  • 6 extra nest boxes
  • Extra roosts

*Chicken Houses are only available in metal

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Metal or Shingle Roof
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Rodent Resistant Door
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Chicken House Delivery in MO

We have our own delivery equipment, allowing us to deliver your chicken coop right to your desired location. Our delivery services cover areas such as Cape Girardeau, Dexter, Doniphan, Poplar Bluff, Silva, and other towns throughout Missouri. Our free delivery services extend up to 150 miles from the Versailles and Elsinore locations, 100 miles from the Hermitage location, and 50 miles from our dealer locations.


Chickens are fun. Chickens are easy to keep. Best of all, chickens lay eggs, and who doesn’t enjoy breakfast with eggs from their own backyard? We have several different styles of chicken coops to keep your hens happily clucking. We build them using maintenance-free exterior metal siding, and the inside is designed for the comfort of your hens, with roosts for them to perch on at night. Our handy egg boxes have access to gathering those delicious eggs without even going inside the coop. We have ramps built with traction bars for the chickens to climb back inside easily.

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Designed with your feathered friends in mind, our chicken coops are cost-effective and durable. They are secure and comfortable for your birds.

missouri shed construction

Provide a natural environment for your birds to forage and enjoy the outdoors while being inside. They are easy to maintain and can easily be movable.

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Everyone should be able to afford quality; this is why we offer the Rent-to-Own option on our cabins, garages, sheds, animal structures, and greenhouses.