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(573) 322-8679
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Prebuilt Animal Structures

Give your animal a warm, dry, and protected home with beautiful animal structures that offer plenty of room. Lots of sizes to choose from. Contact us today for prices and sizes for animal structures that your animal will love.  We build our animal structures right here in Missouri.

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Chicken Coops

Our Chicken Coops are made of maintenance-free exterior metal or wood siding, and the inside is designed for the comfort of your hens with roosts for them to perch on at night. Our handy egg boxes have access to gathering those delicious eggs without even going inside the coop. Our chicken coops make raising chickens easier.

Chicken Coops Include:

  • 4×6 Base
  • 2-36” Door
  • 2-Windows
  • 16×16 Chicken Door Opening
  • 76” Side Walls
  • 48” Stud & Rafter Spacing
  • Metal Building 24” Stud & Rafter Spacing


  • LP Protract Floor: $10/sq.ft.
  • 5/4 Decking Floor: $12/sq.ft.
  • 6′ tall 1×2 wire covered divider wall: $15/In.ft.