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Missouri Customizable Shed Options

Backyard & Beyond is proud to be one of the best Missouri shed builders in the business. We offer lots of options for our customizable sheds, cabins, and garages. You can design the shed, cabin, or garage you need to solve your storage problems, and we’ll build it for you. Check out all the great options below!

Quality Materials

quality shed options
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Customizable Sheds With Beautiful Exteriors

It’s easy to see how customizable sheds can really be designed specifically to match your home or business. Using our 3D Shed Builder you can pick all the different colors and finishes, choose custom doors and windows, and even add additional features to our base model designs. Below are just a few great examples of the options available to our customers.

Ramp System

Here at The Backyard & Beyond, we are excited to announce a new and improved ramp system.  Designed especially for your storage barn, garage or utility shed.  We are making these available to our customers when they purchase a building. Existing customers who want to retrofit their barn entrance can also purchase them.  Other storage barn builders across the country can also order from us.  If you are a shed dealer, give us a call to discuss wholesale pricing.

Making a ramp into your mini barn, garage, or utility shed is now easy thanks to the Backyard & Beyond Ramp System. We can easily ship these ramp parts to any place in the USA. Please note, that when we ship the ramp system, we are unable to include the lumber. Give us a call to order your brand-new ramp system today.

Customizable Sheds With Finished Interiors

Lots of people are loving the option of designing a customizable shed cabin interior. You can use a prefab cabin like this as a private getaway, in-law quarters, or even an Airbnb. The possibilities are endless, and you have lots of options. Enjoy this gallery to give you some ideas of what customizable sheds can be.

Customizable Sheds With Unfinished Interiors

Maybe you’re not looking for a finished interior for your shed or garage? If you’re planning to use your prefab building as a storage unit for your lawn equipment, tools, or other things you don’t have room for elsewhere, you can still customize the interior of your shed with things like loft shelving or extra wall shelves. You can check out our 3D builder for the full range of options.

Customizable Sheds With Ramps

Customizable Sheds, Cabins, and Garages don’t always need ramps based on where they’re going to be installed but if they do, we can build the perfect custom ramp for your building.

Let us finish your cabin interior!