8 Easy She Shed Ideas and Designs: Your Very Own Personal Oasis

What Is The Point Of A She Shed

The she shed was created to combat the rising popularity of man caves. It acts as an oasis for women, providing them the space they need to relax and create. Turning your backyard shed from a storage space into an intricately designed she shed gives you the opportunity to escape and rejuvenate amongst your daily hectic schedule. You can create a dream adult “playground” to work on DIY projects or just have a luxurious space to relax. 

The best part? You can come up with any desired she shed ideas, with all the personalized designs you want,  and still be able to satisfy all of your needs. Read on for more inspiration and she shed ideas to get you started on your very own she shed!

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How Big Of A She Shed Do I Need?

As we’ve mentioned before, a she shed can be built in any size for your personal needs and wants. The size of your she shed typically depends on the way you plan to use it. Think of she shed ideas that suits your needs and hobbies and do research on them. If you’re going to be converting your backyard shed into a gardening space, you could get by with a 6×6 or an 8×10. If you want a she shed centered around a multi-media entertainment zone with electricity, you’ll have an easier time with a 12×20 or higher size.

The smallest sheds are typically 8ft x 10ft and the largest is typically 12ft x 20ft. 

The most popular sizes for she sheds are 10ft x 12ft and 8ft x 16ft

Before you choose a size for your she shed, make sure you step into your backyard and determine how big of a she shed you can get away with. You need to make sure that it can fit but also be able to be placed in a safe area. 

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How To Choose The Right Shed For Your Backyard

Picking the right shed for your she shed is a necessity to fully enjoy your space to the fullest. 

Before deciding on the shed you want, we recommend mapping out your backyard. 

Consider trees, power lines, and playsets. 

Next, determine what your space will be used for: are you going to be crafting, creating, or relaxing in this space? These are essential questions to get answers for. 

Now that you know where to put your she shed and what it will contain, it is now time to decide on the design. Think of some she shed ideas and do research on popular designs.

There are countless exterior shed designs to choose from. The list includes modern, utility, lofted, barn style, Carolina barn, quaker, a-roof, and more! We obviously can’t list every exterior shed design but these are amongst the most popular choices. Feel free to look at more exterior shed designs to find one that really suits your needs and your backyard!

You also have to consider colors, roofing, and textures to create the perfect place for you to get away and enjoy.

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How Do I Take Care Of A She Shed? 

For Indoor Care: To ensure that your she shed stays in top-notch condition, we recommend cleaning the interior weekly and after any messy activity. Dusting, sweeping, and wiping down will typically be sufficient for most she sheds. Clean the interior of your she shed like you would your own household since it’s basically an extension of it. 

For Outdoor Care: First things first, see what material your shed is built with. Your maintenance duties will change based on that. If you have a wooden shed, make sure that you are keeping it pest-free by trimming grass and vegetation around it. Do a quick yearly exam to check for leaks, cracks, or any holes. During this time, you can also examine doors, shelves, and workbenches. Ensure that the she shed is yearly power washed to guarantee the longevity of the sidings life. If you’ve had your shed for a while, you’ll have to determine if it needs a new coat of paint. 

For Metal Sheds: Your maintenance will be less intense but you will still have to do certain things. For example, regular repairs will be crucial. Although metal sheds are very sturdy, they are not immune to damage. Check for any dents or rust and try to fix these issues as soon as you see it happen. Regular cleaning will also ensure the longevity of your she shed. Ventilating your metal shed will make a huge difference in the long run. Not only can your metal shed get very hot, especially during the summer, but there is also a chance that condensation will build up. Venting your shed allows you to stay inside your shed longer and reduces the chances of condensation.

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What Should I Put In My She Shed?

Take a minute to step away from being a mother, a wife, and a sister and really think about it. What do you love to do? The beauty of she sheds is in the fact that they are yours. Do some internalizing to find out what your hobbies are and go from there. You can create your space into a picture-perfect area to escape. After planning out the interior and exterior design, it’s time to decide on the specifics of your she shed ideas. 

Ask yourself these questions. Do you want an open layout or a layout that involves an abundance of natural light? Do you need storage in this shed? Do you want lots of standing space or lots of seating? After determining what you want in your she shed, it’s time to move on to the next step.

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Does A She Shed Add Value To A Home?

A she shed will not only benefit you now but in the long run as well. Selling a home can be hard during these times, so having a she shed that can create an additional selling point is very beneficial. An interested buyer could do so many things with a backyard shed. They could just use it as storage which is a benefit in itself, or they could convert it into their own she shed. Having this outdoor structure in your yard will increase marketability because of its variable uses. 

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Small She Shed Ideas

Painting She Shed Ideas

It is hard to find time to enjoy hobbies when your day is so busy. Arts and painting specifically can be hard to make time for. A painting she shed will allow you to create an area where you can store painting supplies, set up easels, and paint without any setup. Enjoy peace and quiet by yourself or with friends while exploring your art skills. You won’t have to worry about bothering your partner or waking the kids. 

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Crafting She Shed Ideas

Crafting is one of the most relaxing activities you can partake in. Creating an area to store crafting tools, while avoiding clutter within your home is a plus. You can either work by yourself, explore your hidden skills, or enjoy activities with your kids without them making a mess. You can also use your crating she shed to enjoy time with your girlfriends. Whether it’s paper mache, clay, or textile, you can work on any project in your she shed! 

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Dining She Shed Ideas

Eating dinner as a family is an important part of the day. It’s a time to share your feelings and talk about your day while enjoying a meal together. That’s why the dining room design is one of the best she shed ideas. Eating in the same dining room can get boring after a while. Instead of settling and looking at the same view every evening, you can convert your shed to house a dining table and other items. This way, you can have an extra space where you can share meals with friends and family away from home. This is even better during the summer when you eat dinner in the cool summer breeze. 

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Reading She Shed Ideas

Reading is, unfortunately, something that fewer and fewer people are doing nowadays. But in reality, there is nothing better than a good book that transports you. Having the extra noise in your house can be hard. To really enjoy a book, you need a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, where it’s only you and your imagination. The reading she shed is one of the more popular she shed ideas. Place a comfortable couch, or reclining chair in your she shed, kick your feet up, snuggle up with a blanket and start that book! Maybe even enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the clouds go by. A reading she shed can create a truly zen environment. 

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Home Office She Shed Ideas 

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced workplaces forever. Now more than ever, working from home is normalized and is preferred for most people. Although there are a lot of positives to working from home, people have come to see some of the downsides. There have been difficulties for parents to focus in a busy household. That’s why the home office is one of the most relevant she shed ideas. By creating an area nearby your home to avoid distractions and noises, you are maximizing your workflow. Staying focused can be a struggle and a home office right in your backyard can be very beneficial. So do yourself a favor and create an area where success can bloom from silence.

Medium She Shed Ideas

Gym She Shed Ideas

Did you know that almost every major health clubs and gyms lose 50% of its members within the first 6 months of the year? This is because having the time to work out isn’t always possible with such busy schedules. Gyms can also be scary with all the eyes on you. So the solution? A workout space right in your backyard! This is one of the more popular she shed ideas. You don’t need a lot to get started on your gym, a treadmill and some dumbbells go a long way. We tend to overlook physical health a lot and having that space will let you commit to workout without driving long distances! If you want lighter workouts, you can even switch to yoga or meditation! 

Large She Shed Ideas

Concession She Shed Ideas 

This is one of the best she shed ideas if your house is the go-to for gatherings and barbeques. Having a concession stand she shed in your backyard can go a long way. Instead of everyone rummaging around for food around your house, you can create an outdoor structure in your backyard where people can have a buffet-style arrangement. Enjoy food and drinks with your friends and family without the hassle of helping everyone. You can even put a grill in the concession stand to comfortably cook and create drinks that everyone can enjoy!

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Guest Room She Shed Ideas

When friends or family members ask to stay at your house, it can be an issue. Of course, you want to help them but the issue still stands that the house can be too cramped. It can also be difficult to live with someone that has different house etiquette. The solution to this is to convert your storage shed into a guest room she shed. Not only do you not have to be in a cramped house with too many people, but you also grant your guests their own personal space and freedom. 

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Where To Buy She Sheds? 

Since 2015, The Backyard and Beyond has been striving to create a business not based on profit, but based on customer satisfaction. When we build our outdoor structures, we take our client’s designs and needs into consideration and put out a product that we’d be proud of. The 3D Shed Builder feature on our website can help you design the shed of your dreams. We also focus on customization. This means that you can have any additional features and add-ons you want. Check out our stock buildings or request a quote to build a custom shed today! 

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