Utility Sheds

You need more space, so you are considering a utility shed. We build utility sheds in sizes ranging from 8 x 12 – 16 x 50. We build our utility sheds from quality materials, and with excellent workmanship. So when you buy the utility shed from us, you know you will get many years of use out of your shed.

The Utility Shed is a prefab shed designed to have higher walls without adding an overhead loft. Built with an A-Frame style roof, this utility shed is an attractive addition to any property. With standard sizes ranging from 8 x 12 up to 16 x 50, we have utility sheds for almost any need!

If you need extra storage for lawn and garden equipment, then the Utility Sheds are what you need. This shed is our most economical option without compromising quality.

The Utility Sheds for sale from The Backyard & Beyond. The Utility Sheds are the smallest storage shed style from The Backyard and Beyond and come in 2 different styles; LP SmartSide, and metal. The Utility Shed could easily be used for all sorts of storage needs, whether you need a place to set up a workshop or to store something as large as a U.T.V, these utility buildings are what you’re looking for.

Design Your Utility Shed

Shed Features

  • 6’ double door (1x)
  • 93” sidewalls
  • 16” on-center floor joists
  • Painted buildings – 16” stud & rafter spacing
  • Metal buildings – 24” stud & rafter spacing

    *Note: Doors can be placed on the sides or ends. 8 x 12 and 10 x 12 have 76” walls,

Available sizes

  • 8×12
  • 10×12
  • 10×16
  • 10×20
  • 12×16
  • 12×20
  • 12×24
  • 12×28
  • 12×32
  • 12×36
  • 12×40
  • 14×20
  • 14×24
  • 14×28
  • 14×32
  • 14×36
  • 14×40
  • 14×50
  • 16×24
  • 16×28
  • 16×32
  • 16×36
  • 16×40
  • 16×50

Utility Sheds In Missouri

Take a look at some of the amazing projects that we have done for other customers in the past. Whether you want the bare-bone essentials or all the shed add-ons, we are happy to create the shed you have always desired. We look forward to working with you!

Utility Shed Pricing Guide

Max RTO $15k

Property Owners = 1 Payment upfront
; Tenants = 2 Payments upfront

*1 Payment Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO60 Month RTO

*3 Payments Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO60 Month RTO

* $3,000 Deposit + 1 Payment Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO60 Month RTO
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Utility Sheds For Sale in Missouri

Explore our collection of ready-to-purchase prefab Utility Sheds today! Uncover the ideal structure tailored to you and your requirements, and secure it with an initial down payment. The outstanding balance becomes due upon delivery, or you can take advantage of our flexible Rent-To-Own options. See our existing inventory and begin the exciting journey to your new Utility Shed today!

360 Interior View Of 8×12 Utility Shed

A Utility shed could be what you’ve been looking for, if you have need space and are ready to make a great investment to solve your storage needs, then choosing a Backyard & Beyond’s Utility shed is the right move for you. Easily use our 3D Shed Builder to design your Utility shed today. You will be able to customize all sorts of things about your Utility shed, from colors to the actual construction materials. Getting the perfect storage utility shed to fit your specific needs is simple and fun.

Utility Shed Features

The Utility Shed is our most basic model of sheds. This shed is similar to the Side Utility Shed, except the entrance is at the end of the shed instead of on the side. Below is a description of the features that we offer on our popular Utility Sheds.

metal or asphalt shed roof missouri
Roofing Materials

You have the option for metal roof panels or using shingles. Both will bring durability to your shed roof, allowing you to focus on getting work done.

We have a range of color choices for our metal roofing panels. We have numerous shingle colors as well to match your new building to your property!

shed windows missouri
Windows & Doors

Our sheds come with a 6″ wide set of wooden doors installed on the gable end of the shed giving plenty of room for storing equipment or moving large objects around.

The Utility Shed does not have windows, but they can be added as an upgrade to enhance the lighting in your shed.

many shed colors missouri
Siding Materials

The standard Utility Shed is built with either Metal siding panels or LP SmartSide siding. Both give a durable finish to the exterior of your building.

You will have multiple color choices for the metal siding panels. If you select wooden LP siding for your Utility Shed, we have many choices of paint that can be used!

Wall Height & Spacing

The walls of the Utility Shed are 93″, giving plenty of headroom for every endeavor. *Note: 8×10 and 10×12 sheds have 76″ walls.

Our painted buildings have 16″ stud & rafter spacing, while the metal buildings are built with 24″ stud and rafter spacing. Floors have 16″ on-center joists.

Utility Shed Upgrades

We offer many upgrades and other options for our Utility Sheds that will multiply the opportunities that your shed can bring. Explore our entire list of Building Options and Upgrades to see what options you would like, or design your own on our 3D Builder.

metal or asphalt shed roof missouri
Roof Upgrades

You can add a different look to your Utility Shed by upgrading to a different porch or adding a reverse gable or Dutch dormer.

Additional Accessories

Add a ramp, shelf, workbench, or railings to increase the functionality and versatility of your shed.

shed windows missouri
Windows & Doors

An extra door or window can make your shed more accessible. If you are heating it, upgrade to insulated windows to keep the bills down.

rodent proof door for sheds missouri
Other Packages

We offer insulation, electrical, and plumbing options for those who are looking to increase the opportunities for their shed. Imagine the capabilities you can add with these options!

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Utility Shed Delivery in MO

With our custom hauling equipment, we can deliver utility sheds and other prefab buildings to Cape Girardeau, Dexter, Doniphan, Poplar Bluff, Silva, and other towns throughout Missouri. We’ll even deliver prefab storage sheds to the surrounding areas in MO! Our free delivery services extend up to 150 miles from the Versailles and Elsinore locations. On top of that, we offer free delivery 100 miles from our Hermitage location and 50 miles from our other dealers.

Why Do Folks Buy Utility Sheds?

Utility sheds are generally smaller and more affordable. Our utility sheds are built standard without windows, but windows can be added. For this particular model, the door is at the end.

missouri storage shed home investment

The utility shed is an economical and wise investment. It comes in sizes ranging from 8×12 – 16×50. So there’s a size to fit every need. We offer a wide range of color options and add-ons, so you get exactly what you are looking for at a great price!

missouri shed construction

What makes this shed so great? The Utility Shed is a great, practical all around shed. It’s a functional shed. It gets the job done the way you need it done. And it can serve numerous possible purposes.

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Everyone should be able to afford quality; this is why we offer the Rent-to-Own option on our cabins, garages, sheds, animal structures, and greenhouses.