16×40 Deluxe Cabin

16x40 deluxe cabin

Another 16×40 Deluxe Cabin is finished up by The Backyard & Beyond.  We had fun with this cabin because of some of the customization with did on it. First off we used a cement board wanes coating on the bottom section of the outside of this cabin giving it the appearance of a stone area which helped to break up the look of all that siding. We finished the front with white Dutch Lap Siding and green trim and shutters. It is hard to see in the pictures, but the gables on each end of the cabin have white Vinyl Cedar Cove Shingles. We blew insulation into the roof before capping it with metal roofing.

Our standard windows are 24′ x 36″, but on this cabin, we upgraded to 36″ x 60″ which allow a lot more light to naturally enter and give it a roomy feel. In the loft, the windows are 14″ x 21″. We built two 3 ft. wide dormers on the roof, these dormers are for the loft that is built above the bedroom and bathroom. Dormers are an option and can be placed wherever you desire them to be. We have built as many as three in a row. Also, available is a double dormer which places the windows side by side.

16×40 Deluxe Cabin Interior

The inside of this Deluxe Cabin was insulated with blow-in insulation. We also installed plumbing for the bathroom, kitchen sink, toilet, vanity, and a stack washer and dryer. We wired it with numerous receptacles, lights inside and out, ceiling fans, and lights in the loft. All that plumbing and electrical was then covered by drywall. We installed a sliding ladder to be used to access the loft. It slides out for use and can be slid in against the wall when not in use. The bedroom in this cabin is 10 ft. x 15 ft. with a 7 ft. x 10 ft. bathroom.

Take a look at the pictures and stop in and custom order your own cabin. If you have any questions, give us a call or email us, and we will be happy to help you.

16×40 Deluxe Cabin Pictures

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