Hermitage, MO

Discover quality-built portable buildings in central Missouri that are suitable for your backyard. In Hermitage, Missouri,  54 Buildings and More serves as a dealer of The Backyard and Beyond and will provide you with any of the buildings that The Backyard and Beyond makes. 

The Backyard and Beyond is dedicated to getting you the right building for your scenario.  Stop by our locations to see the inventory that we offer in Hermitage, or design your own building, customizing it the way that you want!

Portable Building Styles in Hermitage, MO

PreFab Cabins

Lofted Cabin Sheds In Hermitage MO

Imagine an extra living space, sleeping quarters, or a peaceful getaway retreat – our Prefab cabins are perfect for bringing your vision to life. Select from various cabin styles to craft your dream relaxation spot. In addition to building the outer shells, we provide fully finished cabins, ensuring maximum convenience for you. Don’t delay your journey to a tranquil space – start the process today!

Storage Sheds

Utility Sheds In Hermitage MO

Find the ideal storage solution with our Storage Sheds. Whether for garden tools or decorations, our sheds offer the perfect solution. Choose from various styles to match your personal taste and property. Explore Storage Sheds in Hermitage, Missouri, or request a quote for the perfect shed that aligns with your preferences!

Portable Garages

Garages and Sheds In Hermitage MO

Explore the versatility of our Portable Garages, crafted to offer owners a dedicated space for projects, vehicle storage, and more. With roll doors for easy access, these buildings remove space constraints. Don’t let limited space hinder your productivity – secure your new Portable Garage today and start your journey to project completion!

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor Structures and Sheds In Hermitage MO

The Backyard and Beyond offers Outdoor Structures designed for Missouri residents to unwind with their families. Our Pavilions and Gazebos provide an ideal setting for outdoor family gatherings, offering shaded space to enjoy the outdoors. These sturdy outdoor buildings will elevate your property. Begin your journey today by discovering the one that suits your preferences!

Animal Structures

Animal Shelters and Sheds In Hermitage MO

Searching for a shelter for your animals in Hermitage, MO? The Backyard and Beyond excels in constructing sheds tailored for animals, providing an ideal space for your furry friends. These structures streamline animal care, offering ample space and demonstrating our commitment to quality. Trust that these buildings are constructed to last for decades to come!


Greenhouses and Sheds In Hermitage MO

Maximize the growing season with our Greenhouses, extending it from summer into winter. Enjoy flowers and vegetables all year round, avoiding imported items from supermarkets. Embrace the numerous benefits of cultivating home-grown food throughout the year, bringing joy to you and your family!

PreFab Building INventory in Hermitage, Mo

Find Us IN Hermitage, MO


Our Hermitage Dealer is just over 1 hour north of Springfield, Missouri. Heading north out of Springfield, take US-65 N towards Hermitage. Continue on US-65 N for almost 60 miles, passing through Fair Grove, Buffalo, Louisburg, and Urbana. When you reach Preston, turn left onto US-54 W and travel for 5 miles. Before you reach Hermitage, 54 Buildings and More will be on your left, directly after passing FAFO Tires and Automotive.

24780 US Highway 54, Hermitage, Missouri 65668

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The Team AT The Backyard and Beyond

Established in 2015, The Backyard And Beyond stands as a family-owned enterprise founded by Curvin Huber and his sons. Originally rooted in Ellsinore, the company has since blossomed into a network of seven locations across Missouri, guided by the fundamental principles of Quality, Integrity, and Reliability, with a specialization in crafting sheds and other portable buildings.

From its very beginning, the team at The Backyard and Beyond have devoted themselves to the meticulous construction of each building, with an unwavering commitment to upholding high-quality standards. The company, driven by a core value of integrity, places a premium on transparent and honest dealings with customers, ensuring fair and clear pricing. Their aspiration to be recognized as Missouri’s trusted shed maker in Hermitage is anchored in a steadfast promise of reliability and exceptional customer service.

To learn more about The Backyard and Beyond, you can delve into the detailed information available on their website’s About Us page or pay a visit to the Hermitage location. The team looks forward to the opportunity to welcome you personally and share their compelling story.

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Building Delivery In Hermitage, Missouri

We assist our customers at every step until their building is ready for use, ensuring it’s placed correctly. For residents within 100 miles of Hermitage, Missouri, we provide Free Delivery. Upon arrival, our “shed mule” efficiently moves your building to your desired location. Click below to learn more about our delivery procedures!

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rent to own sheds in missouri financing


Everyone should be able to afford quality; this is why we offer the Rent-to-Own option on our cabins, garages, sheds, animal structures, and greenhouses.