Lofted Portable Garages

The Portable Lofted Garage is our most spacious model. Here at Backyard and Beyond we use only quality materials, and every garage is given the attention and excellent workmanship you would expect. We make sure we deliver everything we promised because that’s good business.

What is a Lofted Portable Garage? Our lofted garage or “barn garage” gets its name from the type of roof it has. Resembling a barn roof, this type is known as a gambrel roof. The gambrel roof offers extra space which is utilized as a loft, hence being dubbed our “Lofted Garage.” These portable lofted garages not only come with a large storage space, but they also offer reliable protection for your valuables.

A portable lofted garage is an excellent solution for you if you are looking for a safe space to store your car, lawn care equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, or gardening tools securely. The extra space in the loft can easily be used for extra storage or transformed into a workspace for artists, mechanics, or musicians.

Design Your Portable Lofted Garage

portable Garage Features

  • 1- 4′ loft along back wall
  • 1- 9’x7′ roll up door
  • 2- 24″x36″ non-insulated windows
  • 1- 36″ outswing fiberglass door
  • 76″ sidewalls
  • 12″ on-center floor joists
  • 16″ stud and rafter spacing for painted buildings
  • 24″ stud and rafter spacing for metal buildings

Sizes Available

  • 12×16
  • 12×20
  • 12×24
  • 12×28
  • 12×32
  • 12×36
  • 12×40
  • 14×20
  • 14×24
  • 14×28
  • 14×32
  • 14×36
  • 14×40
  • 14×50
  • 16×24
  • 16×28
  • 16×32
  • 16×36
  • 16×40
  • 16×50

Portable Lofted Garages In Missouri And Arkansas

Explore some of the Portable Lofted Garage projects we’ve completed for other customers in the past and be inspired by what your lofted garage might look like. No matter if you want a garage with all the customizations and add-ons or if you want a garage with just the basics, we are pleased to offer you the quality garage that fits your needs best!

Portable Lofted garage PRICING GUIDE

*1 Payment Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO60 Month RTO

*3 Payments Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO60 Month RTO

* $3,000 Deposit + 1 Payment Required Up Front

SizeCash Price36 Month RTO60 Month RTO
prefabricated garage

Portable Lofted Garage Inventory in Missouri

Discover our selection of available Portable Lofted Garages ready for purchase right away! Once you find the one you like, begin the process with a down payment. The rest will be due on delivery or you can opt into our Rent-To-Own alternative. We have a building for every scenario, so begin by picking out the perfect garage for you!

360 Interior View Of 12×16 Portable Lofted Garage

A portable lofted garage could be exactly what you have been searching for if you’re in need of space to safely store your vehicle with some bonus storage for other items. Try out our 3D Builder to find the perfect design for your garage. With our easy-to-use design tool, you’ll be able to customize everything from colors to the actual materials for construction. Discovering the perfect lofted garage to fit your needs is simple and fun!

Portable Lofted Garage Features & Options

The Portable Lofted Garage is a uniquely designed building designed for optimal storage space. Economically yet durably built, our lofted garages are customizable. Match the theme of your property by customizing the color and roofing material. 

Portable Lofted Garages come with standard metal roofs. However, shingles are an option to upgrade your building. We have a variety of colors to choose from. If you would like to add more natural light to your garage, consider adding extra windows to any model. Shelving can be added to your lofted garage to give your storage space extra organization.


  • 9-Foot Wide Ramps
  • Workbenches
  • R 13 Fiberglass Insulation
  • Insulated Windows

* If the portable garage is used for vehicle storage, a level concrete or gravel pad and a double layer of flooring are required

metal or asphalt shed roof missouri
Metal or Shingle Roof
many shed colors missouri
Many Colors Available
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Additional Windows
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Rodent Resistant Door
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Portable Lofted Garage Delivery in MO

Our custom hauling equipment allows us to deliver our portable garages and other prefab buildings to Cape Girardeau, Dexter, Doniphan, Poplar Bluff, Silva, and other areas throughout Missouri. We will deliver for free up to 150 miles from the Versailles and Elsinore locations, 100 miles from Hermitage, and 50 miles from our dealers. Give us a call or request a free quote to get started!

Why Do Folks Buy Lofted Garages?

With all the options of garages at your fingertips, why should you choose to go with our portable lofted garage? Our structures are quality-built with a gambrel roof. The Lofted Portable Garage can be customized to be exactly the garage you need!

missouri storage shed home investment

Lofted garages simplify your storage space. The addition of the loft space sets these garages apart as superior space savers. Our sizes range from 12×16 to 16×50 so that you can find exactly the size to suit you.

missouri shed construction

All our lofted portable garages are prebuilt which saves you money compared to on-site building. Constructed at our own manufacturing facility, our garages are built efficiently to save you money and time.

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Everyone should be able to afford quality; this is why we offer the Rent-to-Own option on our cabins, garages, sheds, animal structures, and greenhouses.