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How can I store my things effectively and efficiently? For many years, rental storage units were a solution that seemed to work. Paying someone else for their space while you get nothing in return never was a great solution, but there were few other options. However, Rent To Own Sheds have become very popular because of the benefits they hold over renting storage units. We are going to look at a number of things to think about as you look for storage space.

What Are Rent-To-Own Storage Buildings?


Rent-to-own storage buildings are portable buildings that are acquired through a rent-to-own agreement. In this agreement, the buyer pays a rental fee every month for a set length of time and then becomes the owner of the building. All parts of this arrangement are similar to other things that you rent, but at the end of the rental, you will own the storage shed!

Rent-to-own options are offered on storage sheds, prefab cabins, portable garages, and animal shelters. We will discuss below how to get a rent-to-own building and why many people utilize this option. If you would like to see more specifics, read our Rent To Own Sheds page.

What Is The Difference Between Rental Storage Units And Rent To Own Storage Sheds?

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Rental storage units refer to a space that you rent from a company in their building. Oftentimes, they have large buildings with many rental storage units beside each other. When you rent a unit, you pay a monthly fee to use the storage space. If you decide to stop using their space, you get nothing in return.

A Rent-To-Own storage shed is basically a storage unit in your backyard. Again, for a monthly fee, you have a storage space where you can store your things. However, after 36-60 months or sooner, the building will become yours, and you can stop paying rent for your storage space!

Adding a building to your property can enhance the look of your property as well. In our experience, most people who get a storage shed soon find themselves using it for a variety of things, including storage or a small workshop.

How Much Do Rent-To-Own Buildings Cost?

The price of Rent-To-Own Buildings varies depending on the size and style of building that you choose. However, on each of our shed pages, we have exact pricing for what it would cost you for a 36 or 60-month Rent-to-own plan. If you design a building on our 3D Builder, you can see the cost breakdown per month for the exact building that you are designing.

Why Are Rent-To-Own Buildings A Good Option Instead Of A Rental Storage Unit?


If you have a rental storage unit and would like to look at other options for storage, below are some things to consider. We believe that a rent-to-own building is better than renting a storage unit, and here are some of the reasons for that. 

No Credit Check

Although similar to financing, Rent To Own options are not financing, meaning you do not need to have a credit check to qualify. If you do not have fantastic credit, you don’t have to worry about being eligible.

No Obligation

If you decide after several months that you don’t want your shed, you can return it because it is a rental. There are no penalties to try to prevent you from returning the product. We will take the building back if you want out.

Early Payoff

If you would like to take ownership of the building before the end of the contract and stop paying rental fees, you can pay off your building early without incurring any early payoff fees. Just tell us that you want to take ownership, and we can tell you what the payoff amount will be. This amount will decrease as you get closer to the end of the contract.

No Large Payment

If you don’t like the idea of shelling out a large sum of money for a storage shed, then rent-to-own sheds are the perfect solution for you. By paying a rental fee, you can give yourself flexibility if you need your cash for something else. We want you to get the storage you need without tying up all your finances.

Convenient Storage

If you have a rental storage unit, you may need to travel several minutes in your vehicle if you want something out of it. On top of that, some storage unit facilities are not open all the time, which means you have the hassle of showing up on their schedule. With your own shed, you are able to have storage on your property that is available whenever you would like without the need to travel. Give yourself the convenience of close storage.

When Are Rental Storage Units Worth it?


Like any option, sometimes it is better to have a rental storage unit than a shed. Some scenarios require different solutions and renting a storage unit can be the answer to some questions. 

Changing Locations

 If you are planning to move to a different location that is far away, then a portable building may not be an answer. If need some storage space for several months before you move, then a rental storage unit can be very effective. However, if you are only moving a short distance, our portable sheds can easily be moved by any shed hauler. 

No Backyard Space

If you live in an area with absolutely no backyard, then a rental storage unit may be worth looking into. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a place to put a shed, you cannot enjoy the benefits of having a storage shed.

7 Reasons Why Rent-To-Own Buildings Are Better Than Rental Storage Units


There are many situations in which you can choose between a rental storage unit or a Rent-To-Own Shed. But which one is the better choice? Here are 7 reasons why a Rent To Own Building is a better option than renting a storage unit.

1. Multiple Functions

A rental storage unit is built for storage and often does not make a nice space for anything else. Having a building can give you a work area, dog pen, or office space. Being able to use your shed for multiple purposes is one of the main reasons to go with a Rent To Own Shed over a rental unit.

2. Ownership

After several years of paying for a storage unit, you do not own any more of the building than when you started. Contrasting this, a rent-to-own shed becomes your property after the contract is up. Although rent-to-own options are more expensive than storage units, you will receive an asset for the money that you pay as well as provide a functional space.

3. Customization

 Rental storage units are built long before you come around and you have no say in how they are built. If you buy a shed from The Backyard and Beyond, you can either design your own or buy one that is built the way you like.

4. Privacy

When you are able to store things on your own property, it gives you the privacy that you deserve. Rental storage units cannot give you the same.

5. Equity

A rent-to-own shed is not an investment that most people think of. But a shed on your property will improve the value of your home if you sell it in the future.

6. Long-Term Savings

 Once the term for a rent-to-own building is up, you are the owner, meaning that the rental fees no longer have to be paid. Hence, you get free usage once that point comes. You will pay rental fees for a rental storage unit for as long as you would like to use it.

7. Resale Value

Because you own the building, you can always resell your building if you would like. You can not say the same about rental storage units.

How Do I Get A Rent To Own Shed?


Choose The Building

The first step is to choose the building that fits your needs, whether that is a cabin, shed, garage, or animal shelter. We have a variety of options and sizes so that you can have the storage solution that works best for you! Use our 3D Builder to create a 3D rendering of what you would like, or search through our Current Inventory to find one that is already made.


Rental Agreement

The second step is to sign a rental agreement for the building. The Backyard and Beyond will have a contract written up for you with all the details on it. You can choose whether you want it to be a 36-month contract or a 60-month contract. For more specific information, read our page on Rent-To-Own Options



The third step is to schedule an appointment for delivery. If you choose from the current inventory, your building can often be delivered within two weeks. Custom buildings, on the other hand, can average about 3 months until they are ready for delivery. Read more about the delivery process to see what you can expect!

How Much Space Do I Need For A Portable Building?

How large of a space do I need on my property to add a portable building? That depends on the size of the building that you need and how accessible the spot that you like it placed is. The video above shows our delivery process and may give you a good idea of the accessibility we will need to deliver it. 

Our shed “mule” allows us to set a shed almost anywhere. For a 12” x 20” shed, we would recommend that you have a 16” x 24” mostly flat spot to place the building. If you are unsure of what will fit, feel free to ask us what the options for your situation are!

What Portable Buildings Are Available For Rent-To-Own Buildings?

At The Backyard and Beyond, all of our buildings are available with our Rent To Own options. We have a variety of buildings for you to choose from from our inventory, or you can design your own to add your own customized tastes to it. Below are the buildings that we offer.


Storage Sheds

We have several styles of storage sheds that we build for a complete storage solution. We build storage sheds to fit a wide range of uses so that you can find one that will work well for you.


Portable Garages

Do you need an extra garage to park a car or a workspace for your projects? Our portable garages can provide the extra space you need for a car, yard tools, or equipment storage.

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Prefab Cabins

Whether a vacation spot, in-law quarters, or extra living space, a prefab cabin can fill many needs. We build several styles in both a finished and unfinished interior. Finish out your property with a prefab cabin!


Animal Shelters

We have dog kennels, horse shelters, and chicken coops that will give your animals a place to call home. Each one is built with convenient access and comfort in mind


Gazebos and Pavilions

Our outdoor living buildings can make a restful spot in your backyard that is perfect for hosting or family gatherings. We make wood and vinyl gazebos and pavilions at varying sizes. 


Extend the growing season with a greenhouse! These buildings are designed to give you the room you need to grow plants even when it is too cold outside!

Who Should I Talk To If I Want To Learn More?


The Backyard and Beyond is a family-owned and operated business in Missouri. We do our best to provide building solutions for every situation that the people of Missouri may find themselves in. Our expert team can handle any question that you may have, so give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to help!

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Everyone should be able to afford quality; this is why we offer the Rent-to-Own option on our cabins, garages, sheds, animal structures, and greenhouses.