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Everything You Need To Know About Our Lofted Cabins

Our Lofted Cabin is perfect for a small weekend getaway by the lake, a quiet place in the woods, a comfortable guest house, or a deer camp on the “Back 40”. Browse through our Cabin Gallery of photos and then come back to this page and fill out a Request Quote for a competitive price.

Our lofted cabins can even be used as full-time dwellings! You can choose the style that the interior is finished in and even with our larger lofted cabins they are affordable to heat and cool. Ask us about a finished lofted cabin today.

Our Lofted Cabins provide a relaxing place to unwind after any long day of work. Enjoy time sitting on the lofted cabin porch in your favorite rocking chair or decompress inside your finished cabin with friends or family.

If you are ready to make a great investment in your property, going with a prefabricated cabin with a loft from The Backyard & Beyond is the right move for you. We are your trusted Missouri-based cabin builder. You can also choose to design your own lofted cabin using our 3D Shed Builder. Take the design into your own hands, enjoy our easy-to-use 3D builder, and get the lofted cabin of your dreams.

We build all of our lofted barn cabins with high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, and honest hard work. When you choose a cabin from The Backyard & Beyond you can trust you’ll be receiving a building that will last you for many years.

How will you use your lofted cabin barn?

  • Retreat Cabin
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Guest House
  • Apartment
  • More Space
  • Tiny Home
  • Workshop
  • Office

The possibilities for how to maximize the space in your lofted barn cabin are almost limitless. With the extra storage space one or more lofts provide, you can store more things than ever before, you can finish the interior (or let us deliver your barn cabin with a loft already finished) and use it as visitors’ quarters or an Airbnb!

Let us finish your cabin interior!