21 Reasons Wooden Gazebos Are Better Than Metal Gazebos

The day is warm as you sit sheltered by the sun’s rays in your backyard gazebo, enjoying the gentle breeze.  In your hand, you are holding a cup of freshly squeezed lemonade, with occasional drops of condensation running down the side. Your mind is roaming freely, with your only concern being to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Each of us deserves to be in that picture. With the stresses and strains of life, we all need a space to relax. A gazebo can give you the relaxing place that you need. But the question is, “What type should I get: Metal or wooden?” We are going to break down the arguments, showing critical differences between metal and wooden gazebos.

What Is The Difference Between Wooden Gazebos And Metal Gazebos?

Although they seem to be similar, there are several differences beyond the fact that metal gazebos are made of some metal (steel, iron, or aluminum), and wooden gazebos are made of wood. Metal gazebos can often refer to small canopy structures with a canvas roof that, while affordable, will not last long. Some metal gazebos are larger structures with a metal roof but still follow the canopy structure. Often, they have curtains on the open sides. 

Wooden gazebos are open-sided buildings with a fully framed framed structure, including a floor. The roof has either metal siding or shingles, and they often have built-in benches and railings.  

Wooden Gazebos Vs. Metal Gazebos | Aesthetics

Because wooden gazebos are made of wood, they have the genuine elegance of nature. Made with wooden beams, they fit in well outside. Metal gazebos are missing the natural element and give off a manufactured vibe. Generally speaking, wood is a more sought-after look because of its aesthetic in comparison to metal.

Wooden Gazebos Vs. Metal Gazebos | Cost

Many things factor into the cost of a gazebo. Because a wooden gazebo is more of a building, it is built heavier, which pushes the cost up. Metal gazebos are cheaper than wooden gazebos, and it depends on how long you want your structure to last. 

You can find a metal gazebo for $2000, and they can range up to $4000-$6000 for the sturdier ones. At Backyard and Beyond, the wooden gazebos range from $6500 for a 10×12 to $12000 for a 12×20. To get an exact price, submit a free quote, and we will be happy to help you.

Wooden Gazebos Vs. Metal Gazebos | Life Span

Wooden Gazebos last longer than metal gazebos based on their construction. However, if powder coated, a heavy-duty metal gazebo can last 10-15 years, maybe longer, depending on the climate and how well you take care of it.  Wooden gazebos can last from 15-30 years and longer if stained every couple of years.

21 Reasons Wooden Gazebos Are A Better Option Than Metal Gazebos

If you are looking for something temporary or canopy-like, a metal gazebo may be the right fit for you. But overall, wooden gazebos will definitely make you happier over the long run.  Here are 21 reasons why wooden gazebos are a better option than metal gazebos.

1. Visual Appeal

Wooden gazebos are built with wood products, giving them a natural charm unmatched by metal structures. Most people consider wooden products more appealing than metal products, and wooden gazebos have plenty of natural appeal.

2. Rust Resistant

Metal gazebos will corrode or rust, depending on which type of metal is used. Over time, this becomes unattractive and eventually destroys the structure. At Backyard and Beyond, our wooden gazebos are not only rust-resistant but also rot-resistant because we use treated lumber for all exposed wood.

3. Customization

If you want a unique look to your backyard, a wooden gazebo is your best choice. Even after assembly, wooden structures can be customized or changed to fit your style.  Metal gazebos, on the other hand, all look similar and are only customizable if you have welding knowledge.

4. Blends With Nature

Wooden gazebos have a rustic charm that will match right in with your backyard landscape. Because they are made with natural materials, they look right in any natural setting. Metal structures do not blend into the landscape like wood structures do.

5. Durability

At first thought, you may think that metal last longer than wood. But metal gazebos are built much less sturdy than wood ones. With corrosion and rust, wooden gazebos can last many years longer than metal ones. If you want something to stand the test of time, our wooden gazebos are the way to go.

6. Easily Reparable

If something breaks or cracks on a metal gazebo, it is difficult to replace it. With several screws and an impact driver, you can fix a wooden gazebo in the unlikely event that something comes apart or breaks.

7. Sound Absorption

Have you ever been near an entire metal structure while it was raining and wondered if a freight train was coming through? Gazebos made entirely of metal can be deafening during rain or hail storms. Contrasting this, wood absorbs some of the shock and sound, allowing you to sit in your wooden gazebo in a rainstorm and enjoy it. 

8. Paint and Stain Variety

When you put new siding on your house or shed, you can paint or stain your wooden gazebo to match. Even if you want to change things up, a different wood color is always an option. Don’t be stuck with just one color for your backyard retreat.

9. No Heat Conductivity

Part of enjoying a Gazebo is being able to beat the heat. Wood is not a conductor of heat, while metal is an excellent conductor.  Why does this matter? During the summer, the sun is shining bright on your gazebo. Metal structures absorb the heat and transfer it to the other side. This creates a much warmer space underneath a metal roof than other types of roofs.

10. Natural Fragrance

Most types of wood give off a natural fragrance. Cedar and pine wood can give your wooden gazebo a natural scent, adding a flair that a metal structure cannot replicate. Additionally, woods like cedar can act as a natural bug repellent, making your outdoor space even more enjoyable.

11. Safety

Not only can metal get hot enough to burn you, but it can also cut you if part of the gazebo comes apart. Eliminate this hazard with a wooden gazebo and avoid needing to get a tetanus booster for just a little longer!

12. Assembly

Buying a metal gazebo kit requires you to assemble the structure yourself. That is not a problem for some, but it may be for others. At Backyard and Beyond, we preassemble our buildings so you don’t have to.

13. Damage Does Not Show

If an item falls over and scuffs the corner of the metal gazebo, it is obvious. Wood is softer than metal, so it will absorb some of the impact, causing less damage. Additionally, wood hides damage better than metal, especially if stained.  

14. Easily To Add Swings And Other Modifications

Wooden gazebos are easily modified, allowing you to add a hanging swing or a built-in bench. In fact, adding these features can boost the appeal of your outdoor structure and give you more seating. Metal gazebos don’t have the same capabilities.

15. Better With Age

Metal does not age well and tends to showcase its wear and tear. In contrast, wood gets better with age.  Weathering can enhance wood structures, giving a rustic look and extra charm. Add some mildly colored stain to the weathered wood to make your backyard look distinctive and stylish.

16. Climbing Plants

Some outdoor wood structures look great to have plants growing on their posts. Climbing plants such as ivy, clematis, honeysuckle, and grape vines can make your gazebo feel like part of the garden.

17. Safer For Children

Every child falls and bumps their head or shoulder. Wood creates a slightly better landing surface than metal. Wooden gazebos can eliminate some of the child safety hazards you may have with a metal gazebo.

18. Matches Outdoor Furniture And Decor

When you have a wooden gazebo, any outdoor furniture you may have or buy will go with the natural wood look. You shouldn’t have to buy new furniture when you get your ideal outdoor space. 

19. Built-In Seating

Metal gazebos do not have any built-in features for you to enjoy. On the other hand, our wooden gazebos have built-in seating, giving you plenty of seating when you invite your friends over. Don’t buy extra chairs if you don’t have to.

20. Sturdy

When buying our wooden gazebos, you do not need to worry about flimsy products. Each one is designed and built to last. Many metal models tend to be cheaply made, causing them to fall apart before they should. You should not have to worry about the integrity of your structure, and we make sure that you don’t.

21. Stand-Alone Structure

Wooden gazebos are much heavier than metal ones. This is beneficial because they do not need to be fastened to the ground but will hold fast where they are placed, no matter how windy it gets. 

Metal gazebos are lighter and must be fastened to the ground to ensure they don’t end up in the neighbor’s yard every time a wind blows. Depending on where the gazebo is located, this fastening process could involve using tapcons to fasten to concrete or driving stakes into the ground. Eliminate the hassle with a wooden gazebo from Backyard and Beyond, where quality is important.

Do Wooden Gazebos Add Property Value?

Yes, if you have a quality built wooden gazebo, it will add value to your property. It is an added feature many people like to see when buying a house. However, a gazebo in poor condition could hurt the property value. 

Can Wooden Gazebos Be Left Up All Year?

Yes, the wooden gazebos with a hard top are designed to be standing all year long. At Backyard and Beyond, we build our gazebos with the strength and structure to withstand the elements. Wind and snow will not hurt our structures, allowing you to let your wooden gazebo stand all year long.

What Type of Gazebo Should I Get?

Plainly said, you can get the structure that fits you best. We don’t recommend metal gazebos because of the above-mentioned reasons, but they can serve well if you want more of a canopy. If you want a full structure, the best option would be a wooden gazebo that is well-designed and built.

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