Lofted Barn 

The Lofted Utility Barns

With a Lofted Utility Barn, you will have plenty of extra space in the overhead area. This building comes with a loft included so you are ready to store when it comes.

The Lofted Barn

  • 4 ft Loft
  • 76-inch Sidewalls
  • 6 ft Double Doors
  •  Upgrade to Snake and Rodent resistant door for$199

Side Lofted Barn 

The Side Lofted Utility Barn

The Side Lofted Barn adds two windows to the lofted sheds and barns. Now you can have light coming into the building and use it for a workshop or man cave.

The Side Lofted Barn

  • 4 ft Loft
  • 76-inch Sidewalls
  • 2-2×3 windows and 6 double door
  • Upgrade to snake and Rodent resistan door for $199

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