Portable Buildings In Kansas City, Missouri

The Backyard and Beyond is a trusted shed builder in Missouri, specializing in the production and delivery of storage sheds and other types of portable structures. With manufacturing capabilities at our locations in Versailles and Ellsinore, we take pride in serving Kansas City, Missouri, and the areas surrounding it.
Because of our focus on quality, we utilize premium materials and adhere to strict standards to provide the best buildings possible. We confidently stand behind our products, knowing they are built to last. Whether you’re in search of a portable shed, horse shed, or pavilion, The Backyard and Beyond has the perfect building for your needs!

Storage Sheds In Kansas City, MO

The Backyard and Beyond provides a variety of storage sheds, including the Carolina barn, Lofted barn, and the standard Utility shed. For those on a budget, we offer an Economy model. Our storage sheds come in various sizes, ranging from 6×6 to 16×50. No matter what you need to store, we have a solution for you. Our aim is to deliver a storage shed that meets your preferences and becomes a space you’ll love!

Prefab Cabins in Kansas City, MO

The Backyard And Beyond specializes in crafting Prefab Cabins suitable for various purposes, such as a vacation spot, home office space, or extra living quarters. Our diverse cabin designs include Deluxe Cabins and Lofted Cabins. Using our 3D Builder, you can design a cabin that has all the features that you want for your building. In addition, we offer Finished Cabins, ready for immediate occupancy. These prefab cabins feature interiors equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, and bedroom, making them excellent choices for use as an accessory dwelling unit, vacation cabin, or apartment.

Animal Structures in Kansas City, MO

Ensure the happiness and health of your animals by providing them with a home from our range of Animal Structures. Designed for longevity and ease of animal care, our structures prioritize both comfort and accessibility. The Backyard and Beyond manufactures three types: dog kennels, poultry coops, and livestock shelters. Choose a reliable structure to offer your animals a secure shelter, while also simplifying the task of animal care for you!

Portable Garages in Kansas City, MO

Detached Portable Garages offer additional space to store cars, repair equipment, or store tools. Instead of investing in a home addition or constructing a pole shed that will be expensive, explore the advantages of a Prefab Garage. Our garage models—the Standard Garage and Lofted Garage—feature a reinforced floor capable of handling heavy loads such as equipment and vehicles. Additionally, each garage has a roll-door for easy and convenient access.

Greenhouses in Kansas City, MO

Improve your backyard with a greenhouse, providing you the opportunity to garden throughout the seasons! Don’t let the cold of early spring or late fall hinder your hobby; instead, give yourself the flexibility to grow flowers and veggies all year round. Our portable greenhouse buildings are constructed with the same high quality as our other structures, featuring treated lumber for longevity, a 36” door for easy access, a thermostat and fan for temperature control, and wire shelving to optimize space utilization.

Outdoor Structures in Kansas City, MO

Turn your backyard into the ideal hosting spot with our Outdoor Structures, creating the perfect place for BBQs and gatherings with family and friends. Choose between Gazebos or Pavilions, both designed to make your life more enjoyable. Available in vinyl or wood versions, you have the flexibility to select the look that suits your preferences. Begin today to create an area on your property where you can enjoy quality time with others or unwind on your own, embracing life as you relax!

Next Steps | PreFab buildings in Kansas City, Missouri

Design Your Own

Step 1: Using our 3D Builder, design your own building, choosing the features that you want.

Step 2: Once completed, submit a quote request directly on the 3D Builder. There is absolutely no obligation to buy if you change your mind.

Step 3: We will contact you to verify and schedule the build.

Step 4: We will deliver your building!

Browse Our INventory

Step 1: Look through our current inventory, entering your zip code to see the buildings closest to you.

Step 2: Find the building that you want.

Step 3: Checkout on the site, using the Purchase option or our Rent To Own option.

Step 4: We will contact you to verify, and schedule delivery!

Contact US

If you would rather not check out online, give us a call and we can step you through the process.

Step 1: Give us a call.

Step 2: We will walk you through the process of choosing your building and placing an order.

Step 3: We will build the structure and schedule a delivery time!

Additional Features & Options

Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach may not be suitable for your backyard, we provide various customizable options for your building. Whether you select from our existing inventory or design your own using our 3D Builder, you have the flexibility to incorporate all the features that align with your expectations. We offer numerous customization possibilities for those seeking a unique building that reflects their style. Understanding that individual preferences vary, our aim is to provide you with a structure that perfectly fits your needs!


Select from our extensive collection of more than 20 colors for the siding and roofing of our buildings. Discover the combination that not only complements your existing property color scheme but also enhances the shed’s visual appeal. If you can’t find your preferred color, feel free to reach out to us to explore additional color options.

Windows and Doors

Explore various door and window upgrades based on the intended use of your shed. During the design phase, consider adding an extra door or window to enhance natural light or accessibility, particularly for larger-sized sheds or cabins. Optimize energy efficiency by choosing insulated door and window options to save on heating costs.

Utility Options

Improve the functionality of your shed by incorporating one or more of the following packages: Electrical, Plumbing, and Insulation. Each package adds another level of comfort and versatility, providing opportunities to get more done or creating additional possibilities. For further details, please visit our Additional Features  page.

Extra Features

Customize your structure with various modifications to create a personalized feel. Options include reverse gables, dormers, or different porch configurations. Additionally, we can add railings, shelving, workbenches, additional loft space, and ramps into your building to make it more functional for you and your family.

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Our Team AT The Backyard and Beyond

Since 2015, The Backyard and Beyond has served the Midwest region of the United States, offering quality portable buildings at an affordable price. Founded and led by Curvin Huber, The Backyard And Beyond is a family-owned business that originated in Ellsinore, MO, and has expanded to several locations across the state. Our success is grounded in core values: Quality, Integrity, and Reliability.

From the outset, our focus has been on delivering high-quality products, ensuring each building meets the highest standards. Valuing integrity, we maintain transparent pricing to build trust with our customers. Committed to serving Missouri and the surrounding states with reliability and exceptional customer service, we invite you to learn more about The Backyard and Beyond on our About Us page or by visiting one of our locations in person. We look forward to meeting and working with you! For additional insights into portable buildings, explore some of our shed articles.

Building Delivery For Kansas City, Missouri

At The Backyard and Beyond, our goal is to simplify the process of getting your building in place. Our delivery team consists of experts who will transport and set up your building exactly where you want it. Once the delivery team reaches your house, we will use a shed “mule” to put your building in place in a quick and efficient manner. 

Enjoy the convenience of Free Delivery for most of Missouri! If you live within 150 miles of our Versailles or Ellsinore locations or within 100 miles of Hermitage, you qualify for complimentary building delivery.

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Contact US

If you cannot find what you are looking for or have a question about free shipping, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. We enjoy interacting with our customers, whether by message or phone call.

rent to own sheds in missouri financing


Everyone should be able to afford quality; this is why we offer the Rent-to-Own option on our cabins, garages, sheds, animal structures, and greenhouses.